Welcome Newbie 'dried cucumber slices'

Welkom Newbie 'gedroogde komkommerschijfjes'

At Botanica Spices we are always on the move. Launching new products and brainstorming about the latest trends, that's what makes our hearts beat faster!

And voilà - our newcomer is born! Our Botanica Spices dried cucumber slices, to be precise.

Our Botanica Spices cucumber slices are dried, but all their character properties remain intact, the dried cucumber slices provide an intense flavor explosion in your cocktail - without the nasty soggy side effect!

Cucumber slices are a great addition to your gin and tonic, adding a fresh taste and texture. The cucumber slices soften the taste of the gin and add a fresh touch!

Make your gin and tonic with cucumber slices by filling a tall glass with ice. Add 50 ml of Hendrick's gin, followed by approximately 150 ml of tonic water. Stir gently and add a few of our new dried cucumber slices. Stir again and add extra slices if necessary for an even fresher taste. Cheers to your delicious and unique gin and tonic with our Botanica Spices cucumber slices!

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