Hey there, festive cocktail! For 15 liters of Hendrick's punch by Botanica Spices

Hey there, festive cocktail! Voor 15 liter Hendrick's punch by Botanica Spices

Winter cocktail inspiration: An original creation with Hendrick's gin as a base to impress. Heated for extra coziness!

-heat 4l of water to 55°C in the boiler

-fill up with 9l red wine

-add 1.5 kg of sugar

-stir until the sugar has melted

-squeeze 3 oranges and lemons into the kettle and put the squeezed halves into the kettle.

-Garnish with:

add 1 teaspoon of Botanica cloves
add 3-4 teaspoons of Botanica Mulled Wine mix
add 4-5 sticks of Botanica cassia vera

-Pour half a liter of orange juice into the kettle

-mix everything and let it steep for an hour

-sieve all previously inserted ingredients with a sieve

-Add 1l Hendrick's gin and increase the temperature to 70°C

-add 2-3 bags of frozen forest fruits

- pour into heat resistant glass

* recipe is made for a 15 liter kettle, adjust the recipe proportionally for other volumes

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