Whiskey Sour with foam layer WITHOUT egg white

Whisky Sour mét schuimlaagje ZONDER eiwit

Surprise your guests with a Whiskey Sour with a perfect foam layer!

Preparation :

Make aquafaba solution. Mix 10 g Aquafaba powder in 150 ml warm water (60 to 70°C). Let rest for 5 minutes. Use as regular egg whites, store in the refrigerator.

In Shaker:

* ice cubes

* 1 measure of whiskey (50 ml)

* 1/2 measure of fresh lemon juice (25 ml)

* 1/2 measure of sugar syrup (25 ml)

* 1/2 measure of aquafaba solution (25 ml)

* Shake for 30 seconds

* strain into tumbler glass, also add the ice

* finish with Botanica Dehydrated Lemon & Persian Pink Rose

Note for the bartender:

There is no need to dry shake. The Aquafaba solution is powerful enough to form a foam layer with the ice cubes. Super handy, right?

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