Dried fruit vs Fresh fruit, which is cheaper?

Gedroogd fruit vs Vers fruit, wat is nu voordeliger?

A common misconception that we at Botanica Spices want to dispel is the idea that dried fruit is much more expensive than fresh fruit. But let's examine this thought and see if reality matches perception.

The Misperception

Many people believe that dried fruit is more expensive due to the processing process and longer shelf life. Logical, right? But is that really the case?

The reality

To refute this idea, we at Botanica Spices have drawn up a detailed cost analysis between dried oranges and fresh oranges.

Cost price calculation

  • Botanica dehydrated orange : €74.95/650 slices = 12 cents per slice
  • Fresh orange
    • Purchase Fresh orange: €5.09/1.5kg = 7 pieces (8 slices per orange) = 9 cents/slice
    • Labor costs per slice: (€0.20 labor costs per orange) / 8 = 2.5 cents/slice (€25/h labor cost, 30 sec/orange cutting)
    • Waste costs & cleaning: +/- 1 cent/slice

Total: fresh orange (9 cents + 2.5 cents + 1 cent) = 12.5 cents per slice .

The conclusion

So, if we add up all the costs, a dried orange slice comes to €0.12, while a fresh orange slice costs €0.125.

Changing the Perspective

It seems like dried fruit is a better option than fresh fruit, especially when you consider its longer shelf life and ease of storage. In addition, dried fruit is often more concentrated in taste and nutrients, so you need less for the same taste experience.

So before you write off dried fruit due to high costs, consider the full context. At Botanica Spices we believe in offering fair prices and ways to help our customers make the right choice.

Let us know about your experiences with dried fruit and whether you agree with our findings.

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