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Spice up je Gin-Tonic met Botanicals

Spice up your Gin and Tonic with Botanicals

Welcome to Botanica Spices! Are you ready to explore the world of gin and discover which botanicals can pimp your favorite cocktail? Or would you like to spoil your guests with a homemade gin and tonic? Then read on now and learn which botanicals suit your gin and tonic. What are Botanicals? Botanicals are natural elements used to add flavor and aroma to drinks such as gin. They can range from dry spices to flowers and citrus peels (dehydrated fruit). Gin: a timeless classic Gin, a timeless classic among spirits, provides an excellent basis for experimenting with different botanicals to create...

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Gedroogd fruit vs Vers fruit, wat is nu voordeliger?

Dried fruit vs Fresh fruit, which is cheaper?

A common misconception that we at Botanica Spices want to dispel is the idea that dried fruit is much more expensive than fresh fruit. But let's examine this thought and see if reality matches perception. The Misperception Many people believe that dried fruit is more expensive due to the processing process and longer shelf life. Logical, right? But is that really the case? The reality To refute this idea, we at Botanica Spices have drawn up a detailed cost analysis between dried oranges and fresh oranges. Cost price calculation Botanica dehydrated orange : €74.95/650 slices = 12 cents per slice...

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Tavola Xpo

Our Aquafaba Powder wins bronze at Golden Tavola 2024

We are proud to share with you that our Aquafaba Powder has won the bronze medal in the "self-service" section. The Golden Tavola is awarded to the most innovative and high-quality foods and drinks. The competition was intense, with 117 participants from all sectors. We are therefore very enthusiastic that the jury, consisting of various people from the food industry and retail, has awarded our product with this prize. What makes our Aquafaba Powder so special? This powder is made from chickpeas and has the peculiarity that it closely approximates the properties of egg whites/eggs. The method is super simple:...

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Wanneer bpost BotanicaSpices In Het Gedrang Brengt: 36 Pakjes Verloren in Korte Tijd

When bpost Compromises BotanicaSpices: 36 Parcels Lost in a Short Time

As the owner of BotanicaSpices, managing my product shipments is essential to the success of my business. However, I recently had a disheartening experience with Bpost, where no fewer than 36 parcels were lost. This incident not only had financial consequences, but also affected my reputation and customer satisfaction. Financial Impact: The loss of 36 parcels not only resulted in the cost of the lost goods, but also in additional expenses for customer returns, reshipping and potential compensation. Especially for a small company like mine, this has a significant impact. Reputational Damage and Customer Satisfaction: The negative effect on BotanicaSpices'...

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